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Dog corner

Dog corner

A practical accessory for your four-legged pets in the form of this scarf. We will also make a print on it exactly according to your suggestion. Whether it's an informative inscription, a dog is in training, a dog guide, or you just want to crush the cuteness of your pet with any other design.

Practical scarf for your pets in 3 different sizes. It is lined with a velcro strap, so it is possible to regulate the size of a small, medium and large scarf. The dogs of all sizes and breeds will come to their own.

Colour patterns:

Seleccione un diseño para su regalo

Corazón sencillo
I love you
New adventures
I love
Ta nejlepší ségra
Nueva York
Tribal vzor
Osito de peluche con corazón
Rainbow heart
Latido corazón
The fox
Corazón de cerveza
ver más

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